A few additional touches will make American guests feel more in a «home from home» atmosphere and bring your establishment additional goodwill.

Here are some of them:

Þ The glass of iced water, with crushed ice in it, served as soon as the tourist is seated for a meal.

Þ The menu card with suggestions of appropriate wines to accompany the dishes listed on it. (Remember that most Americans seldom drink wine at home and are utterly puzzled by European wine list).

Þ The set including coffee, tea or milk as an accompany drink. (Coffee is preferred rather light at large cups are advisable).

Þ For breakfast, a set price menu offering a choice of dishes to supplement the usual French breakfast will be appreciated.

Þ Quick service in a breakfast room – or in the dining-room – is generally preferred to breakfasts in rooms.

Þ When a party of tourists pulls up at your restaurant, it is recommended to seat them in the main dining-room and allocate them small tables.

Ex.1. Read and translate the instruction. Discuss some special points for American tourists in restaurant service.




Decor (which may include subdued lights, soft carpets and settees, crystal chandeliers, red velvet and brocade, etc.) helps to create the right atmosphere and refined surroundings for attracting customers.

The art of service can be defined as "the capacity to make customers feel at ease arrival, at home while they are here, and sorry to leave". Attentive, smooth and courteous service keeps the reputation of the establishments and allow to enjoy good cooking and good wines fully.

Before the serving of meal a number of preparations have to be carried out. The cleaning of the dining-room (sweeping the floors, dusting the furniture, polishing mirrors, silver), the changing of linen, the re-stocking of side-boards, the sharpening of knives take place before laying the table.

Laying the table begins an hour or so before meal-time. The assistant waiters first lay a cloth on each table, then the cutlery (including the right assortment of knives, spoons and forks). Table silver should be arranged in the order in which it is to be used, starting from the outside and going towards the plate. In other words the order of laying should be:

Table d'hôte Napkin Joint knife Fish knife Soup spoon Joint fork Fish fork Sweet fork Sweet spoon Side plate Side knife Paris goblet Table a la carte fish plate (centre of cover) fish knife fish fork side plate side knife napkin Paris goblet

After the above covers been laid, the table lay-up should be completed by the addition of the following items:

¨ a salt cellar

¨ pepper castor

¨ cruets

¨ ashtrays

¨ table numbers

¨ table decorations

It is a civilized pleasure to take friends to dine out at such places, to have a nice party, to enjoy themselves at leisure.

Vocabulary notes

selling unit - тут: торговельний заклад
must be run at a profit - повинен функціонувати з метою одержання прибутку
make an order - робити замовлення
chef (фр.) - кухар чоловічого роду, шеф-кухар
settée - маленькі дивани
chandelier - люстра
brocade - парча
refined surroundings - вишукане оточення
attract (v) - приваблювати
customer (client) - відвідувач
courteous - ввічливий
carry out (v) - проводити
re-stock (v) - відновлювати запаси
table silver - столове срібло
table lay-up - сервірування столу
salt cellars - сільничка
pepper castors - перечниця
cruets - пляшечки для оцту
dine out (v) - їсти поза домівкою
sample (v) - дегустувати
undue - надмірний
enhance (v) - тут: підкреслювати

I. Phonetic exercises

Ex.1 Transcribe the following words:

facility, dine out, catering, numbers, ash-tray, gradually, important, polishing, mirror, furniture, arrange, restorative, chandeliers, courteous, reputation, settee.

Ex. 2. Mark the stresses:

complete, civilized, pleasure, decoration, define, re-stocking, substantial, connotation, establishment, attentive, enhance, undue, refined, customers, surroundings, attracting.